Catching up on editing and website stuff today. I love how a 20min photosession can produce wildly different feeling images.  I wanted both images to have a painterly, feminine quality. Check. Dark and moody, or light and foggy? Which do you prefer?

March had me ordering business cards…something I have been putting off doing for years! In case you don’t know me, and haven’t followed me over here since switching websites, then know this is a big deal for me. I have been quietly doing photography for approx 6 years now. All my business has been strictly word of mouth…and I kind of like it that way. Fabulous clients bring me more fabulous clients. People who “get” the spirit and style of my work. Safe. But lately, when I’ve been asked for my card, I’ve felt embarrassed that I’ve had nothing to hand them. Weirdly, it was a mental block, and somehow I felt shy to put it on paper. So time to grow-up and print it out for reals. I am a photographer, and yes- available for hire! If you love what I do, get in contact!

March saw me catching up on some themed portraiture– Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A wonderful group of ladies came to play the role of Holly Golightly. It is fascinating how this character resonates with so many people. From a fashion perspective- that iconic look is still relevant today, and has a elegance everybody can adopt. I love how each “Holly” portrait turned out. Everyone brought a bit of  their own personality to the table. Portraiture can be very fun, when you have a reference point, character or mood to play off.

Feb was a brutal. After enjoying a couple of mild winters, we were hit with a real doozy. I dont think there was anyone living in Winnipeg who wasn’t depressed. So my camera rarely ventured out that month. I studied the works of Brassai, then got bummed that I live in Winnipeg and not Paris. There are no cobblestone roads here and the streetlamps are ugly. On the homefront, I ran a lego lunch club at the kids’ school, and read a fabulous book about midlife and marriage, called “The Rough Patch” by Daphne de Marneffe. Highly recommended. On a brighter note, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association asked me to document their annual general meeting. It was lovely to meet so many compassionate individuals who devote themselves to the care and well being of the animals they serve.

When I created this website, I thought it might be a nice cosy corner of the internet to keep track of whats on my mind creatively and photographically. Well- its March and just getting to it now. So keeping to a monthly writing goal may prove to be a challenge. Jan was cold. Very cold. So I shot indoors. Nope, no artsy shots of the ice castles at the Forks. Sorry folks. I pulled out my softboxes and blinded my children and my cat.  And I read. I studied the works of Andreas Gursky.  Beautiful! Now I really, really want to get hold of a drone and try some aerial photography..summer goals.  Of the thousands of images I shot, I think I can easily edit it down to 2 images I like the best from this month. The first will have every mom nodding in agreement. The second image is because the words “kick-ass” and “childrens portraiture” are so rarely used in the same sentence, but in this case it works. laundrysmskydivesm